Free Domme-to-English Translator

Entry: Aww, does that hurt?

Translation: I know damn well that it hurts, and I’m having an obscene amount of fun hurting you.

Entry: How are you feeling?

Translation: Are you ready to be used again?

Entry: You’re such a pretty little slut.

Translation: I’m having trouble handling the sheer level of your hotness in this moment. It’s taking every ounce of willpower I possess to keep from pouncing on you and devouring you to the point that you have to call in sick tomorrow to recover.

Entry: Now.

Translation: Please.

Entry: Who do you belong to?

Translation: I own every part of you, and you know it. But it still sends a tingle down my spine when I hear you say it.

Entry: We’ll have a movie night. Just hang out together and watch funny movies. Super low key.

Translation: We both know I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you, and you’re going to end up sprawled across my lap, gasping and squirming as I shove my fingers into at least one of your holes. Super low key.

Entry: Cum for me, pet.

Translation: I own your orgasm and I’m going to rip it from your body, and I won’t stop until you’re a panting, whimpering mess.

Entry: You’re mine.

Translation: I love you.