Would you sign this contract?




I understand that this contract, when signed, is eternal and will absolutely govern me as long as I remain alive. I hereby surrender to my owner(s) the following powers over me, as well as any and all others, without any limit.

_ The Full and complete possession of my body, to modify, control and use in any manner, as my owner(s) may wish.

_ The Full and complete possession of my mind, to modify and control in any manner, such as hypnosis, NLP, brainwashing, etc. as my owner(s) may wish.

_ The right to permanently mark me as their property by tattoo, brand, tag or any other method my owner(s) may wish.

_ The right to keep me restrained in any manner or position, and/or in complete sensory deprivation, as my owner(s) wish, for as long as they wish, or permanently if they so desire. The right to convert me to “human furniture” or display me as an object of art in their home or in public.

_ The right to punish, discipline or torture me, by any and all means my owner(s) may wish and for as long as they wish. My owner(s) do not require justification or reason to do this.

_ The right to transport me at any time and by any means my owner(s) may choose to any location, public or private. The right to display me in any of these locations, public or private.

_ The right to keep my mouth clamped open for easy access and use, and also keep me silenced by gags, or permanently silence me by removal of my vocal cords, as my owner(s) wish.

_ The right to use any or all of my orifices at any time and in any way my owner(s) may wish. The right to keep any and all of my orifices clamped or otherwise held open, and/or filled at any or all times, with any part of their (or others’) body, any sexual toys, instruments, devices, machines, etc., as my they may wish.

_ The right to surgically modify my body in any manner and for any purpose or use, and without limitation as to such modification, as my owner(s) may wish, and may include nullification of any of my senses, or any major modifications of my body up to and including removal of my limbs, as they may wish.

_ The right to share, loan, rent or sell me to any person or group of either sex, for any purpose or use, as my owner(s) may wish. Any or all the provisions of this contract may be applicable to those having temporary custody of me, as my owner(s) may (or may not) limit or designate.

_ The right to otherwise dispose of me at any time and in any manner my owner(s) choose, with or without specific reasons, without regard for existing civil laws, and without limitation. I understand that my disposal may be a painful and lengthy process, carried out over many hours or days.

By my signature below I become the property of my specified owner(s), and subject to, but not limited by, all of the above terms, all of which I understand and accept as indicated by my initial. I understand this contract surrenders me, without limits, is irrevocable and without recourse and is not subject to any laws other than full and complete satisfaction of any and all desires of my owner(s). I hereby relinquish all human or animal rights and become simply an owned object. I will exist solely at the pleasure of my owner(s) and for no other reason. They may dispose of me by any method and use my remains for any purpose they may wish. I hereby surrender and pledge my life to my owner(s) as security under this contract.

I ________________, do surrender myself to my owner:

Signature : _____________________ date : dd/mm/yyyy_____

Owner, __________________:

Signature : ________________________ date : dd/mm/yyyy_____

Witnessed by, ________________:

Signature : _________________________ date : dd/mm/yyyy_____

For lifestyle people in BDSM and those considering either owning a BDSM chattel slave or being a BDSM chattel slave, this is a good example of the life giving up and the life being entered into. My contract currently is several pages long with my current Master, but the reality is the same and it is real. For those of you who don’t understand, this does NOT, NOT stand up in a court of law. What this kind of contract does is cement the emotional and physical reality of what you are committing too.

A woman must submit her sexuality under His authority.