humbledcunt: degenerate-cowboy3: Fucking disgusting….



Fucking disgusting.


Why would any woman do this to herself?
Because, as a woman myself, we want to be good at deep throating His cock, and we love the attention. Okay, some of you have been asking how to either get a bitch to do this or how to find guys that want them. My Master and others in BDSM community use webcams set up in a females bedroom, or other room, and part of the training to becoming a chattel slave involves a female doing things like this, throat fucking with a dildo and getting used to it and training herself to take it. A simple thing done every day will help a bitch be what is deep down inside her to come out permanently. To be effective, the dildo needs NOT BE TOO BIG in thickness, so it can be pushed past the back of the throats and slide down. This takes work. Having a webcam/phone cam set up and daily send him your humiliation efforts to get better at self-realizing what you are and the commitment to become His property/His chattel, is a great tool. We use this method not only for myself and Blackie, but we do this with new cunts wanting to be involved in BDSM. It’s a great tool to hold a cunt accountable to her actions. ?


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